“Thank you greatly for the exceptional acupuncture treatments you gave me. My blood pressure has never been consistently 110 over 70 until my regular treatments with you. The cardiologist never succeeded in that in 20 years. My treatment hour gave the most relaxed rest and sleep ever.
Everyone should give acupuncture a try.”
– L.M. – Saratoga NY

“When I met Dr. Wong I had seen multiple practitioners over the course of three years for widespread muscle pain with sensory issues that came on abruptly but never resolved. The discomfort I felt dramatically changed my active lifestyle. My symptoms seemed elusive to many mainstream practitioners not leading to any definitive diagnosis and my treatment options were limited to pharmaceuticals for symptomatic relief. A path I did not choose.
Dr. Wong provided another outlet for my pain. She carefully and thoughtfully listened to my concerns and implemented a treatment regimen for improving overall health through diet/supplements and acupuncture sessions. Since treating with her and following her recommendations I have seen significant symptom improvement.
Dr. Wong is a very intelligent and intuitive doctor. It was truly a gift being introduced to her!”
– K.M. – Saratoga NY

“I first met Cheryl at an open house in which everyone there was ‘selling’
a medical plan — Cheryl offered something none of the others provided —
direct care.
I was a very reluctant participant and entered her chair with great skepticism about this thing called ‘acupuncture ‘– like most Westeners we are not familiar with
Eastern medicine and practices.
Although I walked into the Health Fair in a lot of pain and could barely walk,
after this first brief session I was surprised at how better I felt immediately.
I walked out of the Health Fair vowing to return for more.
I’m glad I did.
I have received the benefit of care from Dr. Wong for several months now and am noticeably better off — my all around health is better and an unexpected side-effect is getting much needed rest [and sleep] I do not get at home.
I will forever remember the gracious and professional care she gave me.”
– R.M. – Saratoga, NY

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