Your First Appointment

Private Integrated Health Consultations
***All Health Consultations include a free community acupuncture treatment to be used within a week of the scheduled health consultation

New Patient Health Consultation (~45-60 minutes)
A thorough history of your personal health history and history of your current concern will be taken. Questions you may have about your health will also be addressed. Your practitioner may take your tongue and pulse diagnosis and/or perform a brief physical assessment. Tongue and pulse diagnosis is the most common form of diagnosis used in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and reflects what is going on in the body. Other therapies may be administered during your visit or suggested for use after your visit. Follow up visits will be scheduled at appropriate intervals to best encourage healing.

Therapies during your visit may include:

  • Nutritional counseling, including diet analysis, food allergy detection and elimination, detection of nutritional deficiencies that may be present, meal planning and strategizing, and functional food therapeutic suggestions.
  • Exercise counseling, including type, duration and frequency of activity.
  • Therapeutic suggestions such as hydrotherapy and essential oils
  • Manual therapy such as Chinese massage (Tui Na), craniosacral therapy, and visceral manipulation.
  • Supplements, Western herbs, and Chinese herbs

Return Patient Health Consultation (~30-45 minutes)
This type of appointment is for patients who have already had a first comprehensive consultation and are following up with a specific goal or assessment. This type of appointment is also appropriate for patients who are continuing with craniosacral therapy and visceral manipulation.

Brief Follow-Up Consultation (~5-15 minutes)
This type of appointment is for patients who are on a treatment regimen and need to be assessed to determine how to proceed with the treatment plan.

For private appointments, please print and fill out the intake form prior to your first appointment or come 20-30 minutes before your appointment to fill out the appropriate forms. You can get the most out of your visit if you fill out your form and send us a copy 2 days before your appointment.

Download the Comprehensive New Patient Intake Form

Chinese Herbs Only Appointment
For Chinese herbs only, a history of your complaint and health goals will be taken. This includes a thorough history of other medications and supplements you are taking.  Your practitioner will take your tongue and pulse diagnosis and determine if Chinese herbs will be beneficial. Chinese herbs may be distributed in raw, granule, or pill form case by case. Because herbs are prescribed based on the dynamic nature of the body, Dr. Wong will need to follow-up after each time the herbal formula changes. Dr. Wong offers this service on a sliding scale to ensure that the herbal formula works optimally at each stage of a person’s progress.

Community Acupuncture Visit
Community style acupuncture engages the healing intentions of a group of people receiving treatments together in the same room. Often times, acupuncture is most effective when you can come regularly, and community style acupuncture makes that affordable. The visit starts with a brief intake (less than 5 minutes), and treatment begins immediately. You are free to relax and take a nap for as long as you want in the community room after the needles are inserted. A recommended length of treatment is 30-60 minutes. The community room is an open space, so whispering is recommended.

For your first community acupuncture visit, please come 10-15 minutes early to fill out the appropriate forms. You can also print and fill out your forms prior to your appointment. For more information about community acupuncture and to schedule an appointment, please visit Ann Arbor Community Acupuncture.

Download the Acupuncture New Patient Intake Form

What should I wear?
For your appointment, make sure to wear loose comfortable clothing. It is best if we can access your knees, feet, elbows and hands easily.

How often should I come for acupuncture?
The frequency with which one gets acupuncture depends on a person’s individual health concern and progress. However, acupuncture tends to have an accumulative effect, and it is helpful to get regular treatments often especially at the onset of a health concern. Committing to 10-15 sessions and starting at twice a week can significantly improve health outcomes.